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Matters needing attention
News Source:   2018-12-07 15:44:44

1. The transportation of this project implements the policy of "safety first, prevention first", and must strictly abide by the safety guarantee principle of "well-organized, safe transportation, intact and foolproof"。All personnel involved in the transport must strictly implement the "Quality Assurance Outline", emphasizing standardized operation and standardized management。

2, clear job responsibilities, according to the relevant provisions of transportation safety management and the respective division of labor and requirements of the transportation personnel, clear their respective job responsibilities, and responsible for the consequences caused by their negligence on the alert。During transportation, inspection records of vehicles and goods should be strengthened, and effective measures should be taken to solve problems in time。

3. In case of emergencies or emergencies during transportation, the crew shall follow the unified command of the project manager, act strictly in accordance with the emergency work procedures of highway transportation, and adhere to their respective positions。

4. On-site supervision system of safety guarantee。The quality assurance and safety personnel supervise and inspect all aspects of the transportation site and safety measures, implement the "safety one vote veto system", and correct the quality problems found immediately until the hidden dangers are eliminated before continuing the operation。

5. Double configuration for the driver of the big car,To prevent the main car driver due to special circumstances can not drive the vehicle,When the vehicle has trouble,Should be transferred to the side of the road in time,Put up eye-catching signs,Avoid traffic jams,And timely maintenance,If there is a major failure can not be repaired,Replace the tractor,When the flatbed car breaks down,The valve should be closed in time,Reduce vehicle height,Ensure that the equipment is not damaged,And timely repair,If there is a major failure,Replace parts or vehicles。